Momin Khawaja – Information and Mailing Address

Momin Khawaja

Momin Khawaja, a young Canadian citizen of visible minority was 23years old, graduate in computer science and an entrepreneur in IT technology, with No Criminal background was sentenced to a Life and 24 years by the Supreme Court – SLOW DEATH FOR CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT NOR WAS CHARGED WITH under the Anti-Terrorist laws. Momin never committed any acts of violence against anybody in Canada or on this Earth. The prosecution tried him on politically motivated abstract perceptions and thoughts – imaginary scenarios of “terrorism” and  terms defined as criminal acts. Were the judges fair and unbiased? He has been in prison for more than 14 years (28 years in real time – originally sentenced by the trial judge to 10.5 yrs (5 yr for parole); Momin was kept in solitary confinement for continuously three (3) years; once attacked by another prisoner with boiling water burning 60-70 % of his body; and now under 24/7 advanced scheme of torture in prison. Momin respects and believes in excellence of human values, human rights, dignity, freedom for all, and equal justice for all. While under incarceration, he is pursuing University Degree Program. We, the People of the world demand for his freedom and equal justice for Momin Khawaja the prisoner who had NO CRIMINAL record and He Did Not Commit Crime against anybody in Canada or on Planet Earth. HE MUST BE SET FREE TO THE CIVILIZED CANADIAN SOCIETY.

Momin will welcome your personal letter at the prison address as it will be a compassionate gesture of great moral courage and humanitarian value:

M Momin Khawaja

Millhaven Instituation Correction Service Canada

5775 Bath Road

P.O Box 280

Bath, Ontario

K0H 1G0